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It could be your surprise to know that every year in the United States alone thousands of people suffer injuries as the result of various accidents due to lack of care, negligence or evil intentions. That is why the US law protects all those injured.  According to personal injury attorney in Henrico Virginia, the law system also allows them to claim compensation for the damage caused, always and whenever, the victim can prove that the other party, whether a person or an entity, has been guilty of causing the injury, either directly or indirectly, so that the victim can obtain financial compensation. Such incidents are more frequently referred as personal injury or negligence cases.

However, apart from the compensation for the injuries suffered, the victim can also complain about the possible consequences of the same injuries and how they can alter their environment as well as personal, professional and social life. For instance, a worker who has suffered a slip or fall injury in a public place, then the individual could not continue with their daily work. Thus, it will cause loss of wages. That is why the said compensation, widely known as ‘loss of amenity,’ attributes all the expenses caused by the loss of time. An experienced personal injury attorney in Henrico Virginia wants you to understand that a successful personal injury lawsuit permits the incident victim to recover the financial damages suffered. Depending on the seriousness as well as the intensity of the injuries, the settlement will be greater and more considerable, as well as the compensation amount of future consequences of the same.

Compensation Coverage for Personal Injury

The victim of a personal injury case can claim compensation for personal injuries suffered, loss of wages, loss of future earnings, medical expenses, damage to property, and the anguish, stress, and disorders suffered. According to a reliable personal injury attorney in Henrico Virginia, payments can be obtained through a prior agreement or through a legal ruling, and these payments may vary according to each case, being a single or variable payment during a certain period of time. However, this compensation is usually made up of the following:

1.      Compensation for medical expenses

All medical expenses (present and future), rehabilitation expenses. Everything must be checked with certificates of medical treatments by doctors and therapists.

2.      Compensation for loss of income

Being unable to work, the person has the right to loss of income due to not being able to carry out normal activities. Likewise, the victim shall also hold the right to do so in the event of the death of the person on whom he or she was dependent. (spouse or parent)

3.      Compensation for pain and suffering

According to an experienced personal injury attorney in Henrico Virginia, both the relatives and spouse of the victim may be entitled to an amount in consideration of the pain and suffering caused by the injuries to the victim.

4.      Other compensations

They are all expenses incurred by making it impossible for the person to perform their daily activities such as: caring for their children, care of elderly relatives, cleaning of the home, etc. This is proportional to the cost that it would generate to hire personnel to carry out these activities. If the person dies, then the funeral expenses are also covered, says a reliable personal injury attorney in Henrico Virginia.

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